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Top performance requires top components and technology.

In the last decade, leading speaker manufacturers have boosted speaker performance to incredible levels. Of course, speaker efficiency is still - and will always be - extremely important. But, as still most of the power applied to a speaker is converted into heat, instead of into acoustic energy, thermal management is the key to higher sound pressure levels. New, heat resistant materials and dramatically improved airflow over the voice coil have doubled the long term output of the modern hi-tech speaker.

On the electronics side, switched mode amplifiers have revolutionized amplifier technology. Switched mode (Class D) amps use a much more efficient energy conversion method compared to normal analog class AB amps. Class D amps use a Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) clock signal to reproduce a high power analog output signal. Since the power transistors rapidly switch between the extreme maximum and minimum values of the power supply, virtually no heat is generated within them. With the efficiency of switched mode amps at about 95%, the need for elaborate cooling devices has vanished. Therefore, massive power can be developed in very small packages, perfect for integration in an active PA speaker.

Although Class D is already known and applied for two decades, the sound quality was usually absolutely inferiour compared to Class AB amps. Only in the last few years, new methods of modulation and the introduction of analogue feedback including the reproduction filter have brought Class D up to (and beyond) the quality level of the best Class AB designs.

Last but not least new acoustic insights have improved overall performance; line-array technology. Although the benefits are often exaggerated and/or hardly to reproduce in real life, some benefits are really worth looking into.

With the use of the above technical innovations and using the latest insights and software in speaker design, System One Audio sets new standards with the very high performance D-Series.