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Very high output

Incorporated digital amplifiers

Superior signal processing including Fletcher Munson implementation:

Best soundquality at every sound level

Practical 90 degrees horizontal coverage

Narrow vertical beam: Less feedback risc

Less floor- and ceiling reflections:

Soundquality is less compromized by room acoustics

Increased authority, highly improved intelligibiliy at greater distances

Much better projection compared to conventional systems particularly in difficult acoustic environments!

Superior coupling amongst two D-Top2, high sections forming a bigger line array, yielding even better long throw properties.

Compact size

Low weight

Frequency range

Max SPL @ 1m

Optional flying hardware

active high output top
dual 12 inch neodymium
Planar Wave horn
100Hz-18kHz top mode (fullrange: 50 Hz-18kHz)
digital, 800W mid, 120W high, processor controlled,
including FMC-implementation
132dB full space (Calculated and confirmed in real life
measurement using a pink noise burst)
90' horizontal, 8' vertical
External brackets using 4x M10, designed for flying one or two tops.

Using the 4-fold DIP-switch, some important parameters can be altered very easily.

The high pass filter can be switched from top-mode to fullrange-mode, to enhance performance in a stand alone setup.

Additionally, DIP2 can activate a low boost that -volume dependant- adds some extra low-end for a wider music spectrum.

And of course this top has the to DIP-switches to reduce the input sensitivity by 3, 6, or 9dB.

D-Top2 has been designed for a vertical coverage of 8 degrees, and a horizontal coverage of 90 degrees, excellent properties for PA-applications for an audience up to about 800 persons within approximately 20x20m floor space.

The sub to be used in conjunction is the D-Sub2 (2kW dual 18inch).

The D-Top2 also makes an excellent in-fill or delay-top for the bigger events using one or two pcs. D-Top1 each side. Additionally, in full range mode, the D-Top2 is very well suited as stand-alone PA for applications with less bass demands.

Two D-Top2 tops can be flown or stacked on top of each other, high sections together, resulting in good acoustic coupling even in the high frequencies. In this way, the acoustic coupling boosts the SPL up to 138 dB full space, with the same horizontal coverage and good vertical beaming, with neglectable phase funnies and lobing.

When conventional side-by-side stacking is preferred, horizontal coverage can be increased to 180 degrees. Allthough the acoustic coupling will not be perfect for the entire frequency range, this stack will yield up to 6dB gain for the low mid regions, down to 3dB gain for the high frequency regions.

This top uses two high efficiency (100dB/1w/1m) 12 inch neodymium mid speakers in a reflex enclosure. Average sensitivity is better than 103dB/1w/1m full space.
A state of the art switching amplifier delivers 800 watts of cold power into the mid section, and 120 watts into the high section. These amplifiers use switched power supply for best mains efficiency and weight benefits. Newly developed smart processing ensures safe operating conditions for all drivers. Additionally, level dependant Fletcher Munson Compensation processing is performed to achieve best performance at all sound levels.

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