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Extremely high acoustic output

Incorporated digital amplifiers

Superior signal processing including Fletcher Munson Compensation

Switching mode power supply and power stages:

Superior mains efficiency

Compact size and low weight


Frequency range

Max SPL @ 1m


Active high output Low-Q reflex sub
21 inch driver
29-100 Hz
Digital, 3400W processor controlled, including
137dB (single sub), 143dB (two subs) half space.
(Calculated and confirmed in real life measurement using a pink noise burst)
4 large recessed handles. Nylon stacking feet.
100mm castor wheels on backside sub, extra handles

Using the 4-fold DIP switch
some important parameters can easily be altered.

The low pass filter can be switched from normal-mode to infra-mode worden, to attenuate the basss area above 65Hz.

Additionally the limiter can be set 2dB down for extra safety and lifetime in very tough applications.

And of course this sub also has two DIP's to reduce input sensitivity by 3, 6, or 9dB.

The D-Sub21 is a high output subwoofer, designed to be used with our D-Top1.

Our target was: Even more sound pressure in the lowest frequencies and still very easy to handle; low weight and compact size.
Two D-Sub21 should be able to keep up with our D-Top 1.
And these targets are met:
The low weight was accomplished by using a low weight cabinet construction and the latest high power digital amp.

The state of the art switching amplifier provides massive power at about 90% efficiency. This means an energy loss of only 340 watts at 3400 watts mains input. Advantages: No thermal problems, superb mains efficiency. Only 9A mains current draw @ max power. (=averaged value playing musical program, short bursts may show conciderably higher values) This means a complete D-sub21/D-Top1 system may be driven to max power on a 25 ampere /230V mains supply.
Newly developed smart processing ensures safe operating conditions for the drivers. Additionally, level dependant Fletcher Munson compensating bass processing is performed to achieve best performance at all sound levels.

D-Sub21: The perfect sub for your Apex system, also in combination with D-Sub1 of D-Sub2.

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