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D-Sub: (obsolete)

Incorporated digital amplifiers

Superior signalprocessing including Fletcher Munson Compensation:

The right amount of bass at all levels

Switch mode power supply and power stages:

Superior mains-efficiency

High acoustic output in compact size


Frequency range

Max SPL @ 1m



active high output bandpass horn
dual 18inch, dual vented cooling
38-100 Hz
digital, 2000W processor controlled,
including FMC-implementation
138dB (half space, pink noise burst)
(Calculated and confirmed in real life measurement using a pink noise burst)
(netto; without castor wheels)

The D-Sub uses two high efficiency 18 inch woofers with improved voice coil cooling, raising long term power and reducing thermal compression to a mere 3 dB. The enclosures ports airstream is used for additional cooling of the speaker, further increasing long term power and reducing thermal compression.

The computer designed large volume bandpasshorn improves the cone to air coupling dramatically increasing system efficiency and -at the same time- reducing cone excursion. Due to that, a 3dB higher output can be achieved before exceeding the speakers X-max. In total, this design offers 6dB gain over conventional frontloaded designs.

A state of the art switching amplifier provides massive power at about 95% efficiency. This means an energy loss of only 100 watts at 2000 watts mains input. Advantages: No thermal problems, superb mains efficiency. Only 6A mains current draw @ max power. (=averaged value playing musical program, short bursts may show conciderably higher values) This means a complete D-sub/D-Top system may almost be driven to max power on only a 16 ampere /230V mains supply.

Newly developed smart processing ensures safe operating conditions for the drivers. Additionally, level dependant Fletcher Munson compensating bass processing is performed to achieve best performance at all sound levels.

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