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Integrated digital amplifiers

Superior signal processing including Fletcher Munson implementation:

The right frequency response at all soundlevels

Switching mode power supply and power stages:

Superior mains efficiency

High acoustic output

Compact size


Frequency range

Max SPL @ 1m


active satellite system
18inch low, 12 inch neodym mid, 1 inch compression driver
digital, 1000W low, 400W high, processor controlled,
including FMC-implementation
133dB half space
(Calculated and confirmed in real life measurement using a pink noise burst)
HxWxD=80x55x65cm(sub) 53x41x35cm(top)
48kg(sub) 12kg(top)
35mm stand adapter in top, M20mm K&M flange in sub
100mm Castor wheels, rigging points,
K&M adjustable spacer

Using a 4-fold DIP switch the input sensitivity for the top as well as the sub.

DIP1 and 2 are for the top, DIP3 and 4 are for the sub.

Reduction can be set to 3, 6, or 9dB.

This enables the user to match the output of top and sub to the current acoustic situation.

D-Sat3 is a high end compact PA-system, developed for the mid-size live applications.

Modest in size and weight, so it can still be handled with ease by one person only.
Nevertheless, D-Sat3 is capable of handling live applications up to at least 300 people, thanks to the extremely powerful 18 inch woofer, and the very efficient 12 inch midspeaker. The sub incorporates the lightweight digital amplifiers with switched mode power supply, which provides plenty power for all drivers, with an overall efficiency of around 95%. Advantages: No thermal problems and superior mains efficiency.

Our integrated smart processing offers solid protection against driver overload.

Additionally, this processor implements the level dependant Fletcher Munson Compensation for best performance at all sound levels.

Perfect for demanding live applications up to around 300 people.

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