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D-Mon12: Preliminary data

Phase purity due to state of the art coaxial driver

Super lightweight

High acoustic output

Compact size

30 and 60 degrees vertical angle.

Also very suitable as semi-fullranger

Integrated digital amps with switching mode power supply and power stages:

Superior mains efficiency


Frequency range
Max SPL @ 1m


Active generic monitor
12 inch/1 inch neodymium coaxial driver, 80 degrees conical waveguide
70-18.000 Hz
Digital, 600W processor controlled
>130dB half space
(Calculated and confirmed in real life measurement using a pink noise burst)
Recessed standadapter 35mm
The D-Mon12 is a light weight, high output generic monitor.
The applied high performance coaxial neodymium driver with optimised geometry phase plug provides a very clean phase and frequency response.
The incorporated lightweight digital amp with switching mode power supply offers plenty power, with an efficiency of almost 95%.

Perfect for uncomplicated but high performance application on small and middle sized stages.
Use it as a regular floormonitor of as sidefill using the 30 and 60 degrees angle.
The 60 degrees angle is also very suitable on a small sub as drum-fill.
Additionally the D-Mon12 makes a very good semi-fullranger on a stand. (standadapter integrated)

With four DIP-switches the input sensitivity as well as the frequency response can be altered.
Dip1 on: high cut
Dip2 on: monitor: (slightly reduced mid and high)
Dip3 on: -3dBU input sensitivity
Dip4 on: -6dBU input sensitivity
The DIP switch functions can be combined freely.

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