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Apex Configurations

Below you can find some configurations using one or two D-Top1 each side.

1: D-Top1 with D-Sub3: Very short setup time. D-Sub3 can be handled and put up by one man only. Only for stacking the top a second pair of hands is needed. This set was designed for live/tape acts for crowds up to 1500. (140dB/1m)

2: D-Top1 with 2xD-Sub1: Again very short setup time, a slightly higher stack (top starts at 1m64 height). More stacking possibilities because one or both subs may be used on its side. (82x55cm) In this way, the system can be made to fit the available vertical working space. A second pair of hands is necessary for stacking. Designed for live/tape acts for an audience up to 1500. (140dB/1m)

3: D-Top1 with 3xD-Sub1: Short setup time, and because of the extra sub this set uses the full potential of the D-Top1. Also this set offers great flexibility in stacking height. Designed for live/tape acts up to a crowd of 2000. (>140dB/1m)

4: 2xD-Top1 with 6xD-Sub1 or 3x D-Sub2: 6 dB more output over the entire audio spectrum, with unchanged frequency response. Designed for live acts for an audience of 5000. (>146dB/1m)

5: 2xD-Top1 flown with 6xD-Sub1 or 3x D-Sub2 or 2x D-Sub3: An elegant configuration to put a lot of power in a low profile package. (Proms...) Very good projection, in the low end as well. Designed for live acts up to a crowd of 5000. (>146dB/1m)

Attention: Always secure stacked systems according to local regulations!
Fly with original and approved hardware only, and don't fly over public!

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